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Other Services
Tailor-made Tours

Design your own voyage of discovery in Turkey, advised by ITS's experienced travel counselors. Whether you want to explore Turkey's past or present, its art or architecture, its coastline or mountain ranges, or anything from Christian or Jewish heritage to jewelry making or pottery, ITS's expertise ensures you'll create a fabulous journey that gives you unique insight into this amazing country.

With a tailor-made tour, you select not only where you go but your hotels, how you travel, when you travel and how long you stay. In addition, ITS will provide you with a roster of professional guides and their backgrounds so that you can select the guide whose expertise best matches your interests. Tailor-made tours are available for from 1 to 40 participants. When you contact ITS to arrange a tailor-made tour, please ensure that you leave sufficient time before your departure date (at least 10 days, longer for large groups) for all arrangements to be made and confirmed.

Private Car and Guide Service

Explore Turkey at your own pace with a private car and guide. Take to the road in a luxury vehicle with your personal driver and guide. You'll explore the magnificence of Turkey at your own pace, enjoying the freedom to take side trips, sleep-in if you feel like it or even entirely change your plans to learn more about something that attracted your interest. Choose your own guide and the vehicle that best suits your needs from a wide range of luxury, late-model vehicles including limousines, passenger cars, vans, mini-busses and more.

Private Guides

Get more out of your travels with a private guide. Having a private guide means that a knowledgeable professional is at your complete disposal while you tour Istanbul. Your itinerary is flexible, and you see what you want to see. And wherever you go, your guide will provide you with complete insight into the history and significance of the sites you visit. Programs customized for your personal interests, such as Churches of Istanbul, Synagogues of Istanbul, Antiques in Istanbul and more are available and feature specialist guides.